Bank Help Small Business?

08 Apr 2019 04:08

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As a home ownership, it is seen as a positive financial strategy for those individuals who are small businesses who are commercial property, usually considered part of their commercial finance during the period before the regular and recent financial crisis. ncsecu login When the underlying real estate loan is difficult or impossible to obtain from banks, then both the assumptions are very fast. Real estate is still an essential part of the overall economy, and the difficulties in acquiring or refinancing commercial mortgage loans both raise social issues and important problems in the SME sector.

Does the bank help small businesses?

In 2008, there was one key argument in favor of bank savings that the restitution of "general financing" for all sizes companies would be possible. After seven years, most small businesses are still waiting for "to exit" for their bailouts. Many commercial lenders lack working capital loans and commercial mortgages.

In recent decades, real estate has been made on regular commercial news for both good and bad. Around 2005, there was concern about the financial position of the real estate and the entire economy. At that time, we did not know that at the same time, the banks started estimating the financial derivatives associated with real estate. ncsecu login Some of these investment transactions have caused large-scale losses, following the banking crisis of 2007 and leading to the comprehensive bank purchase program in 2008. In these few cases, these derivatives who made profits for banks proved controversial, because the cost of the investment bank's customers was often profitable.

Zombie banks and troubled banks

There are two real estate and banking problems that still seriously affect small business economics:

Zombie banks are still operational - there is a negative asset (additional liabilities) in a zombie bank.
FDIC (Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation) still has more than 200 banking institutions in the list of troubled banks.
It is a good idea to note that the FDIC does not publish the issue of the issue or list some banks in the list. He may fear that if he does this, then the bank ncsecu can "walk". Recent "bank holidays" in Greece show how fast banking institutions can lose the confidence of bank deposits. However, FDIC offers banks in the list of obese banks on quarterly basis. For example, the total number of problems was made in March 2015 compared to FDIC 253. There were more than 850 banks in the height of the recent financial crisis - but before the bank's package 2008, there were less than 50 problematic banks.

What to do when the banks say

Small business owners need to draw their conclusions about the current financial position of banks, but it is unlikely that "troubled bank" is able to provide "normal" level loans for small businesses. If the banks are still not seeking regular commercial loans for the lending businesses, what is the recommended answer? Small businesses should alternatively seek out alternatives in which non-bank financing reduces commercial debt and increases revenue with cost-effective solutions such as writing business proposals. At some point, it is necessary to commercially remove the practical need of their bank and their bankers, essentially due to the realistic work of commercial credit, a commercial borrower, but it is not able to get it from its current banking institution . In such a situation, "you are being fired" can quickly become an example of another art copy of life.

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